AP Medical is a brand of ABM Italia S.p.A., a company that designs, manufactures and sells solutions for the organization of domestic and work spaces and containers for special hospital waste.

APmedical makes a wide range of containers for the disposal of special hospital waste. With more than 30 years of experience in the plastic injection moulding industry, the company is one of Europe's leaders in the sector. A wide product range, customized service, top quality materials and numerous product certifications are just some of APmedical's strong points.


ABM Italia S.p.A.

ABM Italia S.p.A. is a production and commercial concern that was set up in Italy in 1972. It deals on the international market thanks to companies whose shared goal is to become a benchmark in their respective industry.
The ABM Italia S.p.A. group includes: ABM Sàrl, ABM GmbH, ABM Kis Spain S.L.U., ABM North America Corp. and Plastitecnica S.p.a.

Organigramma ABM Italia